1. 2017-01-25

    评《Moral Tribes✭✭✭✭✭

    This book scientifically proved that nobody knows shits, basically the best way to win an argument is to nicely and politely ask your opponent to elaborate more into the issue until he or she realises the fact that nobody knows shit, its all just opinions based on pseudo tribal moral claims. Yet there is a way to transcend this, UTILITARIANISM

  2. 2017-04-05

    评《Free to Choose✭✩✩✩✩

    Paul Ryan must love it. The very core of the fallacy of the ultra-right is the assumption that you are rational just like everyone else, and the market, the good old market, is the perfect mechanism to extend the rationality of the individual to the whole market, so somehow the optimal condition can be reached. BS, a waste of my weekend.

  3. 2017-03-30


    The attitude of this book toward professional and tech innovation is near hostile. The problem is not a liberal party which has forsaken the industrial labor, it's the legal constraints which kills any possibilities for a third political party when the interest of labor and professionals have parted their ways.

  4. 2018-01-16


    作者既然拿过pulitzer,就应该晓得的真正牛逼的journalism从来都不是1立场先入2拿一套既存的价值观去衡量一个完全不同的文化3.overly sentimental 此书整体非常cliche.干货基本没有,道德上的indignation能量满屏。wiki下此人,拿过Amnesty International的奖,倒也符合人设。

  5. 2017-04-03


    the author is literally caught in the middle, being accused of political incorrectness from left and being soft on Islam from the right at the same time, great work!

  6. 2017-04-01


    the final hours are really really intense, the concession speech by Parizeau after the loss would surely haunt the separatist movement for decades to come

  7. 2018-02-06

    评《Age of Ambition✭✭✩✩✩

    纽约客继peter hessler之后的记者,相比较peter这哥们可能比较宅,写作素材主要来自于推特和微博,大城市蹲点网络泡沫收集者,段子多了逻辑就弱了独到观察基本没有。PS:此人从属VPN写作流派,大半内容都是异见人士,我不晓得这批人到底多大程度上能代表这个国家。总之内容完全扛不起这个标题,两星。

  8. 2017-10-15

    评《Civilization: The West and the Rest✭✭✩✩✩


  9. 2016-10-11


    拿中国这种种田科举流的文化特征来证明美国阶级固化不存在,seriously? 黑人ghettoculture 不好,单亲妈妈太多,于是解决的办法是不要福利救济?反反复复就那么几个例子,诸多印象流,光乾隆的例子就听到至少五次,数据列的少。broken record. 失望。

  10. 2017-11-07

    评《The Unwinding✭✭✭✭✭

    极好。Newt Gingrich黑化前传。占领华尔街第一视角描写。狄更斯式的对赤贫阶层的共情,opera, Peter Thiel, elezabeth warren的片段小亮。美国跨阶层众生相列传。前排高清直播美国梦午夜葬礼。

  11. 2013-10-16


    语言比较excessive, 语法颠来倒去,无数堆叠在一起的从句。。。但是末尾对大政府的预测实在是大亮,考虑到这本书写在200年前,却准确的预测到法国社会现如今的问题,迅猛指出了民粹的危害性,已经对政府愈加依赖的趋势。

  12. 2017-03-30

    评《TOEFL iBT✭✭✭✭✩

    Just finished off my very last Toefl test 4 days ago, it's always a good strategy to stick to the OG

  13. 2012-08-31


    本来概念就生涩,再堆砌很多的长难句,实在有点不必要。 这本书适合对已经社会学入门的人阅读,但如果是这样的话,实在是背离了这本书作为short introduction系列的初衷。

  14. 2017-03-19


    前半本不错, 从Silent revolution开始Quebecois nationalism 倾向太明显,公投之后的经济萧条和资本撤离,魁省境内先民的诉求被此书完全忽略。

  15. 2016-12-12


    once upon a time there is this Vermont guy that could have a shot, thank DNC people

  16. 2017-04-05

    评《Basic Economics✭✩✩✩✩

    Thomas Sowel is so overrated, he is letting his ideology clouds his judgement.

  17. 2012-11-09


    out of context,, but i assume it means a lot for the taiwanees 20 years ago

  18. 2012-07-09

    评《三體 Ⅱ✭✭✭✭✩


  19. 2017-10-16


    since when mere venting and ranting could warrant the publishing of a book.

  20. 2012-06-15

    评《Predictably Irrational✭✭✭✭✭



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